International waste paper movers, shipping, forwarding and clearing of Import and Export cargo’s.

Consultation on logistics management in Importation and Exportation of goods.

Warehousing, packaging, cartage, insurance and brokers to Importers/Exporters.
Waste Paper
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MULTIMODAL FREIGHT SERVICES (MFS) is black owned and fully supports and
promotes the aims and objectives of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE). The
company is constituted and manned by highly dedicated and well-experienced
personnel in all aspects of the freight industry.
To uphold high quality and professional service standards in the Freight and
Forwarding industry for the benefit of the country and our esteemed clients.
To be the leading provider of complete freight forwarding services nationally and internationally.

MFS has a perfect strategic partnership in international forwarding and clearing by sea, air and land.  Our structure envelops all main ports and
airports, with fully operational offices situated in Cape Town and Durban, offering a gateway to Southern Africa and the Sub Saharan continent.

MFS is represented globally in all trading centers, through competent agents worldwide.

Our versatility in the field of air and sea transportation is illustrated by our involvement in the socialized field of perishable cargo, the handling of
diplomatic cargo, international projects and domestic transfers.

Our greatest advantage lies in our capability and willingness to customize our systems to fully comply with specific requirements - from reporting all
the way to date integration.

MFS export shipments globally; parcels big or small pose no problem for our qualified personnel, whether by sea, land or air.
Our qualified personnel are there to supply you with:

>  The best methods of shipments
>  INCO terms
>  Commercial Invoice layouts
>  Certificates of Origin (possible reduction of duties payable in the country of import)
>  Refund claims on exportation of your goods.
At MFS, we endeavor to develop customized, personalized and professional supply chain solutions for our customers. We have a unique blend of
people, resources and services and aim to provide the most comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions in the industry.
We understand that control and management of international freight has become critical for companies that operate in a competitive environment.

More than ever, it is vital to move the right product, in the right quantity, to the right place at the right time, in the right condition at the right place. A
comprehensive network is a prerequisite for the achievement of these goals.

We offer consolidation services for the world's major centers, and the decision as
to which carrier to use, is assessed with great care, in order to provide the quickest,
cost effective and most direct service.

Dedicated personnel control the flow of documents from the airlines and other agents -
24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
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